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“What does not get measured does not get done..”

March 31, 2013


The statement ‘what gets measured gets done’ is a time tested truth. This is the foundation of any decent Performance Management mechanism in an organization, without which sub par performance is almost guaranteed. Since I am involved in Japanese 5S training, mentoring and implementation in my organization, much of my time is spent ensuring that there is a robust monitoring mechanism to ensure that new teachings get adopted and practices institutionalized.

That being said, all my effort is solely directed at my organization, while there is much to be desired when it comes to even a semblance of such principles being practiced at home! To a great extent, this might be attributed to the sheer lack of energy to teach such concepts such as Seiri and Seiton to one’s family members after a gruelling day at office, or it could simply be a case of apathy. Afterall, which one of us has any KPIs to adhere to in our homes?

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